Other Reviews of Offside: Soccer and American Exceptionalism

World Cup: Is soccer finally starting to matter?
By Carlos Alcalá
The Sacramento Bee
June 16, 2002

Scholar Explains Americans' Nonchalance Toward Soccer
By Jennifer K. Ruark
San Jose Mercury News
June 14, 2002

On Sports: Old World, New Glory
By Stefan Fatsis
The Wall Street Journal
June 7, 2002

American Exceptionalism as a Matter of Sport
By Andres Martinez
The New York Times, Editorial Observer
December 31, 2001

Boredom Just One Reason Americans Don't Love Soccer
By John Pepple
The Columbus Dispatch
November 4, 2001

Give Soccer a Little Time to Kick In.
By Rob Hoffman
The Ann Arbor News
Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Letter To The Editor: July 3, 2001
A response to Frank Deford's Sports Illustrated Article.

Not Our Cup Of Tea
By Frank Deford
Sports Illustrated
Published July 2, 2001

Offside: Soccer and American Exceptionalism
By Nina C. Ayoub
The Chronicle of Higher Education
June 1, 2001

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